Standing in line safely!

Have you come for a consultation at our out-patient clinics? You will be sent an SMS to your mobile phone a few minutes before it’s your turn to come in. The goal: Enabling a safe distance between people without missing your turn

Patients who come to the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s out-patient clinics during this period, for consultation or medical treatment, no longer have to wait near the doctor’s room for their turn. In the shadow of coronavirus and the guidelines to prevent congregating and keeping a distance of at least two meters between people, we have implemented a system for sending SMS messages to mobile phones, which warns that your turn has arrived. After receiving the message, the patient comes to the doctor’s room and waits to be called. The goal: Avoiding congregating at the entrance to the doctor’s room and maintaining the safety of both doctor and patient.


How does it work?


The patient comes to register at the reception desk of the out-patient clinics, as usual. At the reception desk, the secretary makes sure of his mobile phone number. When his turn comes – he is sent a message to tell him. Quick and simple, and the main thing is it allows people to go into an outdoor space, and, as noted, to maintain a safe distance.


To schedule an appointment for the various out-patient clinics at Hillel Yaffe, please call *6742



Waiting safely at Hillel Yaffe

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