The last coronavirus patients discharged

The Infectious Diseases Unit A, which was opened to be designated to coronavirus patients at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, closed today, after its final three patients were released in excellent health

The hospital is continuing to stay prepared, should there be a need to again open this unit or other units, and in light of the Ministry of Health guidelines.


The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has operated two dedicated units for coronavirus patients over the past three months, as well as dedicated emergency rooms for children and adults suspected of having coronavirus (COVID-19), and a separate area for women suspected of having coronavirus needing gynecological and obstetric care. These areas continue to operate. Likewise, the hospital is continuing to operate a dedicated laboratory for coronavirus testing, which provides services to hospitals and other institutions in the area.



Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit A, Dr. Jamil Mohsen, Head Nurse of Unit, Ms. Oksana Porat, and Deputy Security Officer Motty Hadad, lock the unit

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