Customer experience and public inquiries


Director: Anat Menachem
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Quality of service and the patient's perceived experience are two very important issues at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.


Continuous measurement and follow up of quality of service form the foundation for finding weak points and creating a basis for change and improvement.


The Patient Experience Supervisor is responsible for promoting quality of service and patient experience at the hospital, and for handling public inquiries on non-clinical matters together with the hospital administration. This includes collecting inquiries from the public as well as investigating and responding to complaints.


The Customer Experience Unit handles the following issues:

  • Defining the service values and integrating a customer-centric organizational culture.
  • Promoting and improving hospital-wide service processes.
  • Defining and integrating service processes in the field.
  • Developing methodologies to improve patient experience in the various departments and integrating them among the attending staff.
  • Defining measures to examine the service at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.
  • Performing satisfaction surveys, including analysis of the findings, drawing conclusions and offering recommendations for improvement.
  • Analysis of public inquiries to facilitate organizational learning and improved service.
  • Being responsible for heightening awareness of service in the healthcare system among the public of patients and encouraging inquiries through appropriate signs and advertising.



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Useful information


Administration offices


Telephone Numbers:




[email protected]



If you'd like to contact us with a question, say thank you, express your appreciation, make a request or complaint regarding the service or treatment you received at the medical center, you can do this several ways:


Tel: 04-7744676


Fax: 04-6344776


E-mail: [email protected]


Office: Inpatient Building A, Ground Floor, opposite the Department of Emergency Medicine.


In writing: Public Inquiries Ombudsman
Hillel Yaffe Medical Center
PO Box 169, Hadera 38100



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