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The Pat Matthews Academic School of Nursing at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center was founded in 1967, and the first nursing course opened in November of that year. Since then, the school has trained hundreds of registered nurses who work at the different health centers throughout Israel, among them many new immigrants. About 570 students are currently enrolled.


The faculty members are all experienced professionals, who are highly qualified in the fields of nursing, medicine, health professions, life sciences and social studies, and who personally mentor the students throughout their studies.


In 2000, the school was affiliated with the School of Health Professions at Tel Aviv University. Students who complete the program successfully receive a BA in nursing from Tel Aviv University and are eligible to become certified registered nurses once they pass a government certification exam. In 2009, the school was awarded ISO 9001/2008 certification by the Standards Institution of Israel for the professional training of registered nursing students and promoting the nursing profession.


The school is characterized by: 

  • High success rates in the registered nurse certification exams. 
  • Development of investigative think by applying research skills and tools, publication and participation in conferences. 
  • Enriching theoretical and clinical knowledge in the fields of lifesaving and trauma. 
  • A pleasant and supportive learning atmosphere. 
  • A warm and personal relationship.


Students enrolled at the school enjoy: 

  • Classrooms – The school has nine teaching classrooms and a computer classroom with 16 work stations. The classes are air conditioned and equipped with a projector, computer, DVD, video and slide projector. 
  • Computer room – The school has a computer room containing four computers for student use. The computers are connected to the Internet. The room is available for the students to use, and the key can be obtained at the school office. 
  • Simulation room – A room built like a patient unit in a ward, with actual ward equipment. The room is equipped with modern simulation dummies and innovative practice equipment. 
  • Hot meals – Students can purchase vouchers for lunches in the medical center staff dining room at a nominal price. The vouchers can be purchased at the Nursing School office. 
  • Transportation – Students can use rides organized for Hillel Yaffe Medical Center employees, when space is available. Transportation leaves from Netanya and Hadera. 
  • A professional and up-to-date library. 
  • Parking – Parking lots inside Hillel Yaffe Medical Center are available for students, free of charge. 
  • Dorms – The school has 26 air conditioned dorm rooms that are equipped with basic furniture. The rooms are designed for two students to share or for a single person, depending on demand. The students have shared bathrooms and a shared kitchen. 
  • Photocopiers – Three photocopiers are available for students at the school. Photocopier cards can be purchased at the Nursing School office for a nominal fee. 
  • Student lounge – The school's lounge is available for students and is equipped with a television hooked up to cable, projector, armchairs and a hot and cold drinking water dispenser. 
  • Lobby and patio – With seating areas, a smoking area on the patio, and machines for hot and cold drinks at a nominal price.


As part of its quality assurance policy, the Nursing School sets annual quality assurance goals and checks its compliance with these goals.


The Academic Nursing School is one of the leading schools in Israel in the field of nursing research. To date, over twenty research papers have been published in the leading professional nursing journals, in Israel and abroad. Students and faculty members from the school regularly present their research at international conferences.



Contact details


The Academic School of Nursing

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

POB 169 Hadera 38100

Tel. 04-7744368, 04-7744367, 04-7744614

Fax: 04-7744730

[email protected]


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