Dr. Dikla Dahan Shriki

Deputy Director General of the Medical Center
  • Dr. Dikla Dahan Shriki completed her medical studies at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Medical School in 2007, and has held a range of key roles in public health services and the Israel Prison Service. 
  • Dr. Dahan Shriki is an expert in public health and medical administration, holds master’s degrees in Public Health and Business Administration, with specialization in Pharmacology and Healthcare Systems, and a fellowship in Medical Administration in the Ministry of Health. 
  • She has many years of experience in the healthcare system in determining policy and prioritization, finalizing professional guidelines, monitoring and control, project management, budgetary management, and human resources management. 
  • Dr. Dahan Shriki served as Assistant to the Head of Public Health Services in the Ministry of Health from 2009-2016, and was involved, among things, in finalizing the position of the Ministry of Health, monitoring and quality control for the regions, and representing the Ministry of Health in the various Knesset committees. 
  • She has, likewise, served as Head of the Staff Medical Services Branch in the Israel Prison Service since 2016, where she established the Staff Medical Services Branch and determined policy and professional guidelines, budgetary management, etc.
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