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In 1957, following the establishment of The State of Israel and the mass immigration of the initial years, several simple wooden shacks were erected on the coastal dunes near Hadera, and served as the governmental hospital for the region. It was the most natural thing to name the hospital in honor of the diligent, pioneering physician - Dr. Hillel Yaffe. In the course of time, as the area developed and its population increased, the hospital also developed and expanded. The process reached its peak in 1980, when the modern central in-patient facility was opened, which today also serves most of the various wards in the hospital. In the following years major renovations and reconstruction were completed on the maternity wing (delivery rooms, nursing and neonatal ward), the pediatrics department, the laboratory wing, the emergency room, the hospital kitchen and the staff dining room.


Whom do we serve?

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is situated at the western approach to the city of Hadera, half-way between Haifa and Tel Aviv. It serves a population of approximately 450,000 inhabitants - from Zichron Ya'akov in the north to Netanya in the south and from the sea coast on the west to Um el-Fahem and the "Green Line" in the east. The patient population of the hospital is highly varied, representing the full range of Israel's population: the urban population and people from the rural settlements, veteran residents as well as new immigrants, Jews and Arabs, farmers, industrial workers and service-sector employees. All of these equally enjoy advanced medical services. This heterogeneity is also expressed in the demographic composition of the people employed by the hospital in the various occupations. As such, the medical center serves as an exemplary model for peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs, based on mutual understanding and tolerance, and an example, during recent years, for the absorption of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and other countries.


What do we have to offer?

The hospital currently constitutes a medical center which provides comprehensive medical services on a high level for a broad range of medical problems within the many different areas of specialization. The hospital has approximately 2,000 employees occupied in various skills and professions: doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, technicians, paramedics, maintenance and service personnel, as well as an administrative staff. All of these people work together like a well-oiled machine, providing the best possible service for people who need it.


Educational, training and research activity

The hospital also carries out a wide range of academic activities. Affiliation with the Bruce Rappoport School of Medicine at the Technion in Haifa is expressed by regular educational activity for the medical students in the major clinical professions, by academic appointments for the hospital doctors and by varied research programs. Many of the departments are certified for full specialization by the Scientific Council of the Israeli Medical Association, and each year the medical center approves new specialists in the different fields of specialization. Classes of registered and new immigrant nurses complete professional training and graduate The Pat Mattews School of Nursing. The Nursing School has been integrated with the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and enables its graduates to receive academic degrees. The school also provides a reserve of nursing personnel to the hospital itself, the community and the medical institutions in the region.


HYMC - a Trauma Center

The location of the medical center at the hub of the major traffic routes, in addition to the fact that it is the only hospital in the region, presents it with primary professional and organizational challenges when treating injuries caused by car accidents. The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has been certified as a regional Trauma Center and has earned great respect in this area amongst the professional community. Every day, some 70 trauma patients, victims of traffic accidents, injuries at work and at home, and other personal injuries in various degrees of severity, are treated at the hospital. The hospital is proud of its ability to provide life-saving treatments for a large number of accident victims, many of whom are young people who still have their entire lives ahead of them.


Emergency situation planning

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is amongst the leading centers in the country when called upon for emergency tasks. Special assignments are imposed on the hospital in times of emergency by the Supreme Authority for Hospitalization, the Emergency Wing in the Ministry of Health and the IDF Medical Corps. From time to time, comprehensive exercises are held for receiving and treating the wounded in incidents involving many injured people, or victims of chemical warfare. During the last decade, the hospital twice has had to implement the procedures it had practiced, admitting the victims of terrorist attacks in the region. In each case, the hospital won praise for its excellent state of readiness as well as the high professional level of the treatment provided.


Facing the future

The population's requirements, together with the rapid advance of technology in the field of health, present the hospital with a continuously growing challenge for development, advancement, modern equipment acquisition and constant updating on new issues.These needs cannot be financed by regular operating budgets, which are almost solely dedicated to maintaining the existing conditions and providing regular care. The gap between these two needs forces the hospital administration to be severely precise in utilizing its existing resources, demanding maximum efficiency and waste prevention, in addition to continual increase in staff efficiency and assuring timely and precise maintenance of the hospital's equipment. At the same time, the medical center has now expanded its capacity to 552 beds in a new and modern building. Still, some of our needs by way of construction, renovation, replacement of equipment and hospital appearance are vital and urgent.


The hospital urges you to join the circle of those who contribute to the well-being of the patients and the hospital with their assistance, activities, service and donations.

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