Braverman, Itzhak, Prof.

Assistant Professor Braverman is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, Haifa.

He completed his residency in ENT and head and neck surgeries at the Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, in 1995. He continued his residency in rhinology at the General Jewish McGill University Hospital, Montreal.


Professor Braverman served as a Senior Physician at Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, and at the Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, until 1999. Since 2000, Professor Braverman has headed the ENT Unit at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Professor Braverman lectures at the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, Haifa.


Professor Braverman has specialized in nose and sinus surgery overseas, attended many courses and in-service trainings on the topic, and performs sinus surgery with regular and advanced methods. In addition, Assistant Professor Braverman has specialized in the subject of snoring and sleep apnea in children and adults. This issue has progressed especially using coblation technology, which improves the patient’s quality of life.


Professor Itzhak Braverman has published dozens of articles in international journals, participated in many conferences, and is invited to various courses and conferences on the topic of rhinology and treatment of sleep apnea. Some of the research and clinical papers include foreign bodies in the upper GI tract, rhinology, mitochondrial hearing loss, herpes zoster on the head or neck, mucociliary transport in the upper respiratory tract, laser treatment of tracheal diseases, and a paper on the topic of blast injuries from terrorist attacks.

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