National Doctors’ Day at Hillel Yaffe

National Doctors’ Day on January 11th was celebrated at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center by handing out gifts to each physician at the hospital, in collaboration with the medical center's administration, Physicians’ Committee and the Human Resources Department

Apart from the gift, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Director, Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz wrote a note in which he defined the medical profession as ‘a way of life.’ “It's not easy to be a doctor in Israel. It is a lengthy journey that can sometimes seem never ending. Beginning with demanding studies, through a challenging and arduous internship, fellowship and many more further education courses. This journey becomes more complex and challenging from year to year. Those who chose to become a doctor are aware that this choice is a heavy burden and a responsibility, yet filled with beauty and concern for others, along with immense personal and professional satisfaction that is second to none. We have the privilege of helping people in their most difficult hour and of having compassion for those who need it most. This day is the opportunity to express our gratitude.”


Handing out gifts and saying thank you on National Doctors’ Day at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

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