One of the first in Israel: endoscopic laser surgery for glaucoma patients at Hillel Yaffe

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is among the first to perform innovative surgery using an endoscopic camera with the world's smallest laser for glaucoma surgery

Innovative laser surgery for treatment of glaucoma was performed for the first time in the Ophthalmology Department at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. It was performed by Glaucoma Service Director, Dr. Eran Berkowitz. This surgery uses a very small endoscopic camera equipped with a laser that is especially designed for this type of glaucoma surgery.


The device offers several advantages, including the possibility of treating patients with conditions that make it difficult to see the parts of the eye, such as a cloudy cornea, and focused treatment of the targeted area while reducing peripheral injury to other parts of the eye. Additionally, the surgery is minimally invasive, with a low risk compared to other surgeries, and recovery time is relatively short. The surgery can be performed in combination with cataract surgery.


Dr. Eran Berkowitz during the innovative glaucoma surgery at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center


Director of Hillel Yaffe's Ophthalmology Department, Dr. Beatrice Tiosano, said, “I am delighted that we are able to provide the population of this region with the full range of the most advanced and best glaucoma treatment. This technology is another important aspect in our ability to ‘tailor’ a package of personalized therapies for every patient with glaucoma.”


Glaucoma is the second most common reason for blindness in the Western world. Although a variety of treatment options exist, up to 10% of patients require surgical intervention. Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is at the forefront of glaucoma surgeries in Israel and is among the first to implement breakthrough minimally invasive technologies in this field.

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