Congratulations to the baby born on a very special day and time!

It's not every day that a baby is born at Hillel Yaffe's Maternity Department on such a special day and at such a special time - 8.8 at 8:08 a.m. Now all that's left is to say congratulations to the new mother and her family

Liraz Rubin, a resident of Binyamina, who many of the women in the area know as a designer of wedding and event gowns, knew that her first-born son would be born on the special date of 8.8. The time of surgery for a caesarean delivery, as is standard when there is a medical indication, is scheduled in advance, and the excited mother who chose to give birth through a gentle C-section, came into the delivery room at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, as scheduled, along with her family, the midwife and the medical staff of the Maternity Department and Operating Room. The fact that Liraz's son was born with the clock showing eight minutes past eight in the morning was another exciting, yet unanticipated, gift.


After recovering, Liraz Rubin asked to express her gratitude, “I would like to thank the incredible staff that was with me throughout my hospital stay in the High-risk Pregnancy Department, Prof. Rinat Gabay Ben Ziv and Prof. Motti Hallak and the entire team that was with me during the delivery and surgery. The experience was empowering, and the date and time that came along with it are a wonderful bonus.”


Dr. Haim David, the new mother Liraz Rubin and her baby as well as midwife Zehava Sofer

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