How to prevent a heart attack

As part of World Heart Day, marked on September 29, for the second year in a row, Hillel Yaffe's cardiology experts will take part in a series of lectures to the general public, free of charge, designed to increase awareness of the risk factors of heart disease and how to prevent it

This is the second year in a row in which senior physicians in Hillel Yaffe’s Cardiology Division are taking part in a series of lectures in the community to increase awareness of how to prevent heart disease. Throughout September, the experts will give lectures to the residents of cities, regional councils and towns around the hospital, and discuss the common risk factors, whether the risk of a heart attack can be minimized and what tests are recommended. Aside from in-person lectures, two online lectures will be held in September. All the lectures are free of charge, provided as a service to the general public.


Cardiology Division Director at Hillel Yaffe, Prof. Ariel Roguin, said, “After last year's success, we decided to launch a series of lectures to the general public once again to increase the awareness of the typical signs and symptoms of heart disease, with emphasis on prevention. The more information people have in advance, the better able they are to protect their heart or even know how to identify conditions that require them to go to the doctor or hospital and receive appropriate and timely treatment. I call on each and every one of you to come to a lecture."


In recent months, the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of the Cardiology Division at Hillel Yaffe moved to a new spacious area, with private rooms containing the latest equipment. A great deal of thought was invested in every corner to respond to the needs of patients and their families, so that the most professional, high-quality and service-oriented care can be provided to patients in a setting like a 5-star hotel.

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Cardiology Division staff participating in the World Heart Day activity

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