Fertility preservation

The IVF Unit carries out fertility preservation. This is a process called “fertility preservation out of choice” which the Ministry of Health approves for women aged 30 to 41, irrespective of family status or medical indication. It carries a charge, since it is not included in the “basket” of medications.


Fertility preservation at the right time and age, without the threat of a significant drop in ovarian function, will produce good results and allow every woman to focus on her plans without worrying about her ticking biological clock.


A patient during fertility preservation consultation


The treatment process

  • The treatment process includes injection of hormones similar to those released by the brain – FSH and LH, and following up the development of the follicles using blood tests and ultrasound every three to five days. 
  • When the follicles reach 17-18 mm in size, the woman is given an additional injection – the last in the treatment cycle – the purpose of which is to begin the ovum (egg) ripening process before extraction. • The protocol for ovarian stimulation is determined by the doctor, in accordance with the number of follicles in the ovary and with the goal of achieving the largest possible number of ova without endangering the woman. 
  • The woman is hospitalized on the day the ova are collected. The collection process is performed under general anesthesia in the unit’s operating room. An IV line is set up, and the anesthesiologist provides guidance before the anesthesia before aspiration of the ova. 
  • he ova are collected as guided by a regular transvaginal ultrasound transducer. A needle attached to the transducer is inserted into the ovarian follicle and aspirates the ovum from the follicular fluid into a special test-tube. The test-tube is transferred to the laboratory which is close to the operating room. In the laboratory, the embryologists separate the ova from the follicular fluid and they are transferred into petri dishes containing tissue culture medium. After a short incubation period, the ova are frozen for future use. 
  • After aspiration of the ova, the woman stays in the recovery room and later in the Gynecology Department for two to four hours, and is released from hospital in accordance with her condition.

Cost of fertility preservation treatment for non-medical reasons is NIS 6,500 for a round of treatment, including the entire process, but excluding ovarian stimulus medications. Cost of treatment is subject to change.


To contact us and for further details: IVF Unit: 04-7744750.

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