Parking at the medical center

Dear Visitor/Patient,


For your convenience, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center offers paid parking lots.


Parking at Hillel Yaffe costs NIS 25 for every 24 hours, from time of first entry, with no limit on the number of entrances and exits from the medical center during that time.


There is no charge for parking for up to 30 minutes.


The medical center has implemented an automatic license plate recognition parking system.


You can pay for parking at the payment kiosks located throughout the medical center - by credit card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay apps or in cash (bills and coins).


The Security and Parking Department is open to the public for this matter on Mondays-Thursdays, from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m., not including holiday eves/holidays.


Patients, their family members and other visitors will pay for parking at the medical center, with certain specific exceptions listed below:


Free parking, for one car only, will be provided to the following groups:

  1. Dialysis/oncology outpatients (during treatment) and their companions.
  2. Outpatients who need to come to the medical center for treatment for at least one month at a frequency of at least twice a week - from the start of treatment.
  3. Family members of patients hospitalized for over 14 days - starting on the 15th day of hospitalization. 
  4. Parents of babies in the NICU. 
  5. Families of patients, by recommendation of the medical center’s Social Service. 
  6. Women hospitalized due to high-risk pregnancy. 
  7. A car belonging to a disabled person (with a disabled parking permit or with a wheelchair parking sticker). 
  8. Public transportation - taxi or bus transporting patients. 
  9. Family members of a hospitalized soldier - at request of Emergency Center 2. 
  10. Working emergency / rescue / security vehicle - driven by a member of the security forces in uniform. 
  11. Employees of WIZO daycare center and parents of children attending the daycare center. 
  12. Representatives of volunteer organizations and associations who have been approved by medical center management. 
  13. Parking workers from the medical center's shopping area - Hashdera. 
  14. Medical center and Ministry of Health employees and retirees.

 Those entitled to free parking must contact the secretary in the treating department to arrange for the exemption.  


Those who are entitled to free parking but have not arranged for the exemption – will pay in full until it is arranged. Important!


Parking enforcement at the medical center is handled by the legal authorities (police/city inspectors).


Police and city inspectors may enter the medical center parking areas and conduct enforcement activity as allowed by law, including issuing tickets for parking and traffic violations as well as fines for illegally and improperly parked vehicles on the premises of the medical center.


For further information - Hillel Yaffe Parking Department - 04-7744850.

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