National service? Come to Hillel Yaffe

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center invites you to join us as National Service volunteers. Here you will be able to serve in nursing and administrative roles and, most importantly: make a sick child smile

What is National Service?

National Service is the true melting pot of Israeli society, which strengthens its delicate and complex social fabric.


National Service has combined civilian, national and community work for many years. As part of their National Service, young men and women from all walks of society, who have been discharged from the IDF for various reasons volunteer. 

It is an opportunity to gain experience with idealistic and meaningful work in the community and in society in general. During their National Service, the volunteers contribute significantly to the community and are helpful, bringing light and joy into the lives of many.


Along with the blessed work of the National Service volunteers, the training leading up to their service and experience they gain through their work serve them in good stead in their lives, providing occupational and professional expertise, life skills and team work.    



National Service at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center


Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is located smack in the center of key traffic routes, an advantage that offers maximum accessibility and makes travel to the site of service quick. Each year, about 50 National Service volunteers work at the hospital.

These volunteers provide added value in the daily work in the departments and the service they provide to the patients and their families.


As part of National Service, the volunteers are placed in a variety of positions in all hospital departments, as an integral component of the administrative and nursing work.


Nursing roles:

These functions are characterized by a dynamic and diverse work environment. The volunteers help the nursing staff care for the inpatients or those who who come for medical tests at the outpatient clinics and institutes. Additionally, the volunteers may help distribute meals, take charge in inventory of sterile supply, dispatches throughout the medical center,and more.


Beyond the direct contribution inherent to the volunteer work, there is also an important contribution to the general feeling of patients and their families, with a smile, a good word and the volunteer's continued interest in their condition.


Administrative roles:

Here volunteers are important in helping the staff in the nursing and administrative departments with office work. They help promote administrative activity, a field that is very important in day-to-day work.


In fact, the work is done by National Service volunteers at the secretary's station and through work with various interfaces throughout the system. Among other things, they order tests, coordinate the referral of patients to the clinics and institutes, coordinate patient admissions and discharge. This work is only part of the routine tasks National Service volunteers perform expertly every day.

Helping the physicians:

Helping the medical staff with approved tasks. Volunteers for this position must take a course, during which they learn first aid and how to draw blood. They then begin work and report to medical residents. This is a position designed for volunteers who want to serve for two years. Additionally, National Service volunteers act as a group to organize special events, including holidays for the benefit of the children hospitalized throughout the medical center.


During their service, these volunteers receive personal mentoring and establish warm relationships with their superiors in the departments, the staff and the hospital's National Service Coordinator.


The National Service volunteers participate in study days, fun days and trips, and they may eat in the hospital cafeteria and take advantage of the shuttle service available to hospital employees.



We are looking for responsible, dedicated young men and women, who are able to work under pressure, who have big hearts and are sensitive to the needs of patients and their families.


If you meet these requirements and are interested in the field, we would be delighted to check your suitability and bring you on board as a National Service volunteer and as part of our staff here at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.



How do I join?


You can contact one of the associations, which will schedule a personal interview at the hospital:


Amutat Shel/Shilo - Regional Coordinator: Orian Eldi, Tel: 054-9508176.


Amutat Shlomit - Regional Coordinator: Sigalit Dreh, Tel: 050-8884464.


Israel Volunteer Association - Regional Coordinator: Chassia Alon, Tel: 058-7521246.


You can also join the tours offered from time to time and get an impression by meeting with our current national service volunteers.


For more information, please contact Daniella Akev, Tel: 04-7744112.


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