Patient's Rights

The Medical Center highly respects your right to receive quality, professional and considerate service.


The Medical Center’s multi-professional staff must provide a comprehensive response to the patient’s physical, mental and spiritual needs in accordance with professional standards and the Patient's Rights Law, 1996 (hereinafter: the law). Detailed information on patient's rights is provided in the inpatient departments and throughout the hospital.


The Right to Receive Proper Medical Care

You have the right to receive proper medical care on all levels – to receive professional and quality treatment which takes into consideration your faith, cultural values, and religious practices.


Safeguarding Dignity and Privacy

It is your right to have your dignity and privacy protected throughout the entire time you receive treatment; you are entitled to request the presence of another person during physical examinations.


Identity of Care Giver

You are entitled to receive information about the position and identity of any Medical Center employee attending to you. You have the right to know if there a student on the attending staff and must give your consent to his/her participation in your care.


Medical Treatment Consent 

  • Your informed consent to medical care is a right and constitutes a required condition for your treatment, other than in the situations otherwise defined by law. You are entitled to receive updated and detailed information regarding your physical condition, diagnosis, the manner and type of treatment offered, the risk factors involved, the chances of success and possible side effects. Also, you have a right to receive information regarding alternative treatments, should any exist, and the ramifications of refusing treatment. 
  • Before surgery or any invasive treatment, you will receive a verbal explanation and be requested to provide written consent. 
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear before you receive medical care. 
  • If you are offered to participate in a medical study, you must receive all detailed information in advance and give written consent. Refusing to participate in the study will not affect your medical treatment in any way. You are entitled to renege from your consent to participate in the study at any time. 
  • You are entitled to renege from your consent to medical treatment at any time, and it shall not impair the relations between yourself and the attending staff.  

Appointing a Legal Representative

You have the right to appoint a legal representative/ attorney on your behalf for obtaining information about your medical health. Also, it is your right to appoint a legal representative on your behalf with the capacity to give consent to a medical procedure in your name.


The Right of Patient Confidentiality

You have a right to medical confidentiality. Details regarding your medical condition will remain confidential unless you provide explicit consent, or in accordance with the law.


The Right to Access Medical Records

You are entitled to obtain a copy of or information from your medical records from the department or the Medical Center's Medical Records Department. There is a fee for this service that is determined by the Ministry of Health.


Second Opinion

You have the right to consultation with another physician, who is not a member of the Medical Center staff in charge of your care. The staff will provide information both to the consultant and to the patient. Please coordinate the consultation with the attending staff.


The Right to Continuing Proper Treatment

If a patient is transferred from one physician to another or from one Medical Center to another, the patient is entitled to benefit from collaboration among the physicians to guarantee continuing proper treatment.


Consultation with a Senior Physician

You have the right to consult with a senior physician and the charge nurse regarding your treatment the service you received, subject to the department’s reception hours. The Right to Speak with the Public Inquiries Officer You have the right to speak with the Public Inquiries Officer in accordance with the officer’s reception hours.


Visiting Hours

You have the right to receive visitors in accordance with the visiting hours specified at the entrance to the department.

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