Yechidat Segula – Rights for Senior Citizens

Yechidat Segula is a nationwide program established by the Ministry for Social Equality. The program operates in several Israeli hospitals and aims to provide information and aid to senior citizens and their families, regarding everything to do with the patient’s health rights.


The unit began its operation at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in May 2018.


The unit is run professionally by a social worker, and operated by volunteers who have undergone suitable training and approach the patient’s bedside to help him access all his rights.


The unit provides information, guidance, and direction to senior citizens hospitalized in hospitals and the families looking after them, regarding the health rights the senior citizen is liable to be entitled to on his release from hospital, due to the change in his state of health.


They will be given information and help regarding issues including: clarification of rights available to the person hospitalized by virtue of his being a senior citizen, rehabilitation, health fund, and National Insurance Institute of Israel rights, the possibility of receiving a long-term care benefit, and clarification of benefits and rights for Holocaust survivors.


How to contact us:


The Yechidat Segula at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is located in Inpatient Building B, Mezzanine, near the Operator and Communications Systems department.


Unit’s hours of operation:


Sundays – Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


For further details, please contact the unit at 04-7744941 and/ or by email [email protected]


For enquiries about additional rights for senior citizens, please call the Senior Citizens' Call Center *8840 Or online:


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