Medical Internship at Hillel Yaffe

Internship director

Dr. Benny Feiner

Email: [email protected]


Internship coordinator

Ms. Hagit Shem Tov

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 04-7744379


The intern at the center

  • Personal mentor – Individual mentoring for every intern, which enables being close to department directors, greater involvement, and exposure to a range of interesting cases.
  • Open door policy – Easy access to the medical staff and nationwide and internationally famous specialists.
  • Training and gaining experience – Gain comprehensive and professional experience in all our centers of excellence, including the Surgery Division, Gynecology and Obstetrics, the Cardiac Division, Orthopedics, etc.
  • Teaching and research – The medical center is involved in teaching and research, and there are designated research laboratories for surgery and gynecology.
  • A future close to home – An advantage for those living in the region to have their residency close to their homes.
  • A promising future – For a good intern and good residency – the chance for a relatively secure future with a good/ senior position.
  • A promise of residency – With a better chance of being offered a good position in the various sub-specialties.


The internship period – Everything you need to know

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center meets all the required standards for internship. Internships take place in the core and elective departments, in accordance with the intern’s choice. We operate according to the regulations as determined by the Israeli Medical Association.


Conditions of employment during the internship period

  • Dates for beginning the internship – flexible.
  • Work on Friday is in accordance with the 2011 physicians’ agreement.
  • An additional day of rest after a Friday shift.
  • Payment for additional shifts beyond those which are compulsory.



  • The possibility to carry out electives outside the hospital.
  • The possibility to carry out two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit outside the hospital.



  • A designated teaching program for interns.
  • An individual mentoring program.


Social benefits

  • Refund of travel expenses
  • Free parking
  • Dining room at nominal prices



  • A financial grant and certificate of appreciation to outstanding interns
  • Enrichment and bonding days
  • Guidance and advice regarding residency options
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