Institute of Nephrology and Hypertension


Director: Dr. Noa Brar-Yannai

Charge nurse: Ms. Tania Rothstein

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Dr. David Zachs - Senior physician

Dr. Regina Gershkovitz - Senior physician

Dr. Nana Peleg - Specialist

Dr. Liubov Strabkov - Physician

Dr. Yaacov Slovodkin - Specialist

Dr. Amina Zahalka


Social Worker:

Ms. Maayan Abramov



Ms. Miri Habaz

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The Institute of Nephrology and Hypertension provides services in a number of fields:

  • The institute runs a clinic for adult patients with kidney diseases and hypertension. The patients undergo diagnostic processes, including a physical examination, laboratory tests and imaging and also renal biopsies when required. The clinic advises family physicians on the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The institute does not provide pediatric nephrology services. 
  • A second clinic working at the institute is a chronic renal failure clinic for kidney patients suffering from advanced disease, who may reach a terminal stage and require dialysis treatment. The Institute of Nephrology and Hypertension provides an alternative treatment for terminal renal failure with an artificial kidney - hemodialysis, chronic wearable peritoneal dialysis.
  • The Institute of Nephrology and Hypertension advises the medical center's in-patient departments in cases when patients have kidney disease, hypertension, electrolyte imbalance, and acid-alkaline balance and pre-eclampsia.
  • The Institute is recognized by the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association as a provider of full residency training in nephrology.
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Useful Information


The New Institute building


Telephone numbers:

Director - 04-7744115

Charge nurse - 04-7744413

Dr. David Zachs - 04-7744404

Dr. Luba Strabkov - 04-7744406

Dr. Regina Gershkovitz - 04-7744726

Dr. Nana Peleg - 04-7744710

Dr. Yaacov Slovodkin - 04-7744818

Dialysis room - 04-7744375


Fax: 04-7744819



[email protected]

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