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Dept. Director: Rami Sillam
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Smadar Rubinstein

Limor Rabinovich

Michael Toledano

Ari Gabai

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The computer unit deals with the operational and maintenance areas of all the computerized systems in the hospital. These systems are generally divided into two main fields:

1. Applications systems linked to the Ministry of Health, hooked up to the hospital's main computer system (VAX Digital computers)

2. The personal computer field (''stand alone'' and PC networks)


The unit provides services for all the various professions and departments throughout the hospital:

  • Management
  • Medical departments 
  • various Household branches
  • Institutes and Out-patient Clinics
  • Warehouses
  • various Offices

Most of the service is provided upon call and need - the smaller part is left to the discretion of the unit.


The Computer Unit is responsible for the following:

  • Recommending the purchase of the new equipment
  • Recommending the purchase of new software 
  • Installing new equipment and software
  • Solving problems which arise in the existing equipment
  • Helping in the operation of existing software 
  • Analyzing and writing up new software and reports
  • Periodic maintenance of the hospital's central computer system 
  • Periodic and bi-monthly reports
  • Data gathering and transferring to outside functions (Kupat-Cholim, Ministry of Health, IDF, etc.)
  • Stocktaking 
  • PC network management 
  • Providing comments and recommendations for outside system analyzers 
  • Submitting periodic professional opinions in computer-linked topics
  • Dealing with system and software problems 
  • Transferring the treatment of major malfunctions to outside servicemen 
  • Escorting and coordinating with these outside persons until the problem is solved 
  • Maintaining a constant link with the computer center in the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem
  • Instructing users (VAX and PC)
  • Information security
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Useful information


Southwest campus, opposite the Delivery Ward



Dept. Director: 04-7744591

Service center: 04-7744386





For more details:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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