Director of Finance: Liz Mishali, CPA

Deputy Director of Finance: Daniela Weizman

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Secretary: Osnat Gal

Payroll Department Director: Sarah Ezra

Head of Collection Unit: Yafit Kandyuti

Supplier Manager: Sahar Sayag, CPA

Accounting and Control Coordinator: Meital Ben Moshe, CPA

Nursing Section Manager: Pnina Mizrahi

Physician Section Manager: Sima Gavrielov

Paramedical Section Manager: Julietta Matchov

Administration and Housekeeping Section Manager: Meirav For

Payroll Accountant: Revital Simchi

Accounts and Payment of Collections Coordinator: Kochi Levi

Responsible for Work with Execution Office: Hila Ben Abu

Collection and Public Inquiries Clerk: Chen Shalom

Collection and Execution OfficeClerk: Chefzi Chalkaderov

Collections Clerk: Orit Zohar

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The Finance Department handles Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's financial affairs, and has a staff of fourteen employees: a Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, secretary, and employees in the Suppliers and Salaries Sector and in the Collection Unit. All members of the Finance staff have acquired management and professional training while working at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Training includes management skills, health services administration, human relations, academic degrees, and more. All branches of the department are committed to maintaining high levels of service quality with patients and with the medical center's employees.


The Suppliers Section is in charge of controlling the hospital's purchasing, payments to suppliers and external parties.


The Payroll Department handles all matters related to new employees, cessation of work, reports to the IT Department, National Insurance Institute Claims, salaried employees, on-call workers, shifts, overtime pay and nurses.  


The Collection Unit collects money for the services provided by Hillel Yaffe Medical Center for hospitalization, emergency room treatment and clinical care. The unit also tracks incoming payments with an eye to the terms of credit given to customers.



Budget versus implementation


As in all hospitals, the Finance Department's accounting system is based on the government's accounting concept of budget versus implementation, on an accumulative basis. The budget is based on the income. In fact, the hospital is permitted to implement its expense budget as long as the income budget is realized by providing services to its customers, and the money that is due is collected.


In 1998 the general government hospitals began operating like business enterprises. The business enterprise format has not changed the status of government hospitals, which continue to be subject to all the provisions of the law, regulations, guidelines and arrangements that existed previously. To do this, the Finance Department works with a new and advanced financial electronic data processing system (EDP) that supports this type of accounting.

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Useful information


Administration offices



Finance Manager - 04-7744234

Deputy Finance Manager - 04-7744233

Secretary - 04-7744769

Payroll Department - 04-7744662

Collection - 04-7744563

Suppliers - 04-7744659


Fax: 04-7744770  



[email protected].

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