Household Supplies


Dept. Director: Natan Luzon
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Silvie Epilog, Deputy Director

Ofer Cohen

Roy Engel

David Nissim

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The household storeroom deals with all the secretarial items connected with the various departments' administrative functions in the hospital, and they are:

1. Economic equipment

2. Medical equipment

3. Heating and Steam

4. Furniture

5. Copying, stenciling, facsimiles and accounting machines

6. Communications: walkie-talkies, beepers and telephones

7. Computers, printers

8. 500 different types of forms

9. Cleaning materials

10.Textile: clothing and miscellaneous items



The household storeroom is responsible for preparing a logistic infrastructure, carrying out purchases and maintaining stock, dividing the items between 54 sub-units and communicating with tens of suppliers for the various items held.

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Useful information


Basement level



Head of Dept.: 04-7744319

Dep. Head of Dept.: 04-7744594

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