Human Resources


Director: Mrs. Keren Horvitz

Deputy Director: Ms. Ilana Rozental

Physicians’ Sector Manager: Yasmin Holtzer

Nursing Sector Manager: Ms. Sari Aryeh

Paramedical Manager: Ms. Ariel Zango

Housekeeping and Administration Sector Manager: Ms. Nurit Makov

Attendence Sector Manager: Ms. Aliza Barak

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Housekeeping and Administration Coordinator: Ms. Haya Nusayev

Nursing Sector Deputy Manager: Ms. Yaffa Oshpitz

Physicians’ Sector Deputy Manager: Ms. Sivan Havaz

Training and Organizational Development Coordinator: Ms. Hadar Yahod

Wellness Coordinator: Ms. Daniela Akav

Senior Human Resources Coordinator (not Secretary): Ms. Ilanit Markovich

Para-Medical Sector Coordinator: Ms. Ariel Zango-kachlon

Para-Medical, Housekeeping and Administration Sector Attendence Coordinator: Ms. Rinat Blumental


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The Human Resources Department is responsible for all matters related to management of personnel at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and strives for excellence by investing wisely in human resources.


The Department works to ensure that new employees are hired well and plays an important role in the quality of employment. It further develops and nurtures HYMC’s human resources. After all, people are the key to the success of the medical center.


When handling personnel issues, the HR team views Hillel Yaffe employees as internal customers and is committed to quality of service practices, while guaranteeing the rights of employees and ensuring that they meet their obligations, as derived from the laws, Civil Service Code of Standards and various employment agreements. Furthermore, the team mentors employees from the moment they begin their jobs and through retirement.


Department Activities

  • Recruiting highly skilled employees who are a good fit for the positions available through screening and training, placement of the new recruits in the department, ensuring proper labor relations and terms of service.
  • Planning the total number of employees.
  • Creating a pleasant organizational climate and maintaining the motivation and compensation system by caring for the welfare, training, development and advancement of employees, ensuring that they reach their potential, while being steadfastly committed to their health and safety.
  • Ensuring compliance with work procedures as required by the organization.
  • Managing retirement and layoff processes.
  • Handling issues related to the welfare of HYMC retirees (trips and active vacations).
  • In states of emergency, the Department ensures that staff remains in the hospital and that outside parties are recruited.


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Useful information


Management offices



Human Resources Director: 04-7744709/4226

Deputy Director and Paramedical Manager: 04-7744225

Secretary: 04-7744709/226


For more details:

Human Resources Director: [email protected]

Deputy Human Resources Director and Paramedical Manager: [email protected]

Housekeeping and Administration Sector Manager: [email protected]

Housekeeping and Administration Coordinator: [email protected]

Nursing Sector Manager: [email protected]

Nursing Coordinator: [email protected]

Physician’s Sector Manager: [email protected]

Attendance Sector Manager: [email protected]

Training and Organizational Development Coordinator: [email protected]

Wellness Coordinator: [email protected]

Senior Human Resources Coordinator: [email protected]

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