Medical Supplies


David Agmon – Head Storeroom Director, Medical Equipment

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Eitan Rosner – Senior Coordinator

Miriam Maliach – Senior Coordinator

Oksana Shalmayev – Storeroom Manager

Eliyahu Hayun – Transport

Mor Ben Chelouche – OR Storeroom Manager


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The Medical Supplies Department handles all matters related to the purchasing of medical supplies and equipment for the medical center. The medical warehouse handles 6 types of storerooms: storeroom for perishable equipment and light instrumentation, storeroom for non-perishable equipment, angio storeroom, catheterization storeroom, OR storeroom and storeroom for emergency supplies.


The Medical Supplies Department handles over 10,000 items of medical equipment and purchasing is done primarily from SAREL. Additionally the department purchases equipment and supplies from over 120 suppliers throughout the country.


The Medical Supplies Department is responsible for the transport of all types of medical equipment and supplies to hospital units, departments, clinics, institutes, laboratories, department storerooms and various suppliers.

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Useful information


Basement level



Department Directory: 04-7744596

Deputy Director: 04-7744308

Warehouse: 04-7744326

Office: 04-7744757/4758



Director: 04-7744316

Office: 04-7744867



David Agmon: [email protected]

Miriam Maliach: [email protected]


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