Operator & Communications Systems


Dept. Director: Matti Bardugo
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The department has a number of functions:

  • Connecting the medical center's staff to incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Providing general information for incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Caring for the Elco system and all beepers 
  • Continuously minding the communications system, maintaining a conclusive operative responsibility

A number of communications systems exist in the medical center: a general call-system, walkie-talkies (used by the security and transportation departments), voice-beepers (170 in all) and the Elco fire alarm system.


An internal-external telephone system is in use and serves the hundreds of extensions existing in the medical center, which is backed by a voice-box system for leaving recorded messages.

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Useful information


HYMC Operator: 04-7744304

Director: 04-7744241

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