Public Relations


Spokeswoman: Dafna Nevo
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New media, Marketing and Advertising Administrator: Dana Hirsch Padani

Assistant Spokeswoman and Community Relations Administrator: Liraz Sabo

Secretary: Asia Amirov

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The Public Relations/Spokesperson's Office coordinates all of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s advertising, marketing, sales promotion and public relations activity.


Since the new Health Insurance Law went into effect, Hillel Yaffe and all other medical centers must “market and sell” their services in order to meet public and financial targets. Marketing and sales are handled optimally through all media, which natural influences the decision making of the public who require health services.


The office is responsible for issuing press releases to the media and reviewing various events held at HYMC.  This is done to strengthen the relationship between the hospital and the community.


Our work is guided by two core values: credibility and professionalism. We believe that by upholding these two values, our activity will have a long-term effect on the positive image and reputation of the medical center.


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Useful information

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Dafna Nevo: 04-7744888
Dana Hircsh Padani: 04-7748428

Liraz abo: 04-7744016

Asia Amirov: 04-7748673
Fax: 04-7744301


[email protected]

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