Regional Security Manager: Mr. Aviad Dvash

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Yael Damti


Parking Supervisor: Mr. Nir Kenigstein

Parking Secretary: Ms. Noam Moyal

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The Security Department of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center works around the clock to guarantee the smooth operation of the facility. The department has many diverse tasks that relate to all employees, patients and visitors to the medical center. The routine functions performed by the security department are: providing security in case of a terror attack; maintaining order on the medical center's public grounds and preventing violence against the medical and nursing staff; fire safety and firefighting; preparing for all emergency scenarios; working with external agencies, including the police, the Israel Security Agency and Israel Defense Forces; providing professional training; internal investigations; patrolling the departments and the entire perimeter of the hospital, and information security.


The department acts according to the routine and emergency assessments of the police and intelligence agencies. Activity is derived from the National Security Department of the Ministry of Health.


Shmira Ve'bitachon provides the personnel for the medical center’s security division. The guards begin work after undergoing meticulous screening and a security guard course, according to the requirements of the advisory agencies. The guards also participate in refresher courses to maintain their operational fitness.


The Security Department works according to an annual work plan that includes drills (independent and together with external agencies), audits and control to ensure vigilance and fitness, training in a variety of fields for all hospital employees.


There is a police desk at the medical center, which is designed to significantly reduce incidents of violence against the medical staff and to enhance the sense of personal security felt by visitors to the hospital. Additionally, the desk provides assistance in maintaining public order, traffic safety, prevention of bullying, handling inquiries and complaints regarding crimes committed on hospital premises, in collecting initial statements (even after rights have been read), professional assistance to the Security Department in unusual cases that require police involvement, registration and reporting of violent incidents, enforcement, follow up and more. The desk is operated by Command Sergeant Major Ami Kahlon.

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Useful information


Office of the Regional Security Manager– Main Inpatient Building, Ground Floor (opposite Imaging Institute)

Shift Supervisor’s Office - Main Inpatient Building, Emergency Room

Police Desk - Main Inpatient Building, Ground Floor, near the synagogue



Office of the Regional Security Manager: 04-7744285

Office of the Deputy Regional Security Manager – 04-7744898 

Office of the Deputy Regional Security Manager 04-7748400

Police Desk 04-7748444

Fax: 04-7748372



[email protected]

For parking issues: [email protected]



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