Technical Services


Head Engineer: Peter Grunfeld
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Dep. Director - Marios Ben-Ya'akov

Secretary - Miri Duani

Dep. Dir. Of Technical Services – Ya'akov Shechter

Acting Coordinator - Avi Koch

Electrical Engineer - Vladimir Benjamin

Energy Engineer - Eng. Evgeni Agranonic

Secretary to Coordinator – Irit Michaeli

Head Carpenter – Nissim Lazimi

Metalshop – Rafi Tohami

Electrical Workshop – Yuval Drori

Technical Desk – Danny Giat

Technical Storeroom – Nati Oded

Plumbing – Ezra Hasid

Medical gases, Head of team - Roman Pulashchuk

Water Boilers - Yuri Grishmanovsky

Sterilization, Head of team - Hanuko Isayev

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The Technical Department is responsible for the continuous maintenance of the electro-mechanical equipment and buildings in the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. We also attend to the emergency calls that come in for the technical dispatcher. The Technical Department is responsible for new equipment installation, building electro-mechanical systems, providing preventive maintenance in addition to technique specifications and ensuring they operate correctly.


The Technical Department advises Management about development, the construction of new buildings and wards.


The responsibilities of our electricity team include: maintenance of high-tension transformers, generators, high-tension electricity systems, u.p.s., telecommunications, low-tension electricity systems and patient-nurse system communication system.


The responsibilities of the technical staff also include building control: all the medical gases systems and supports: oxygen, vacuum systems and pumps, nitroxide, CO2, medical compressed air and other medical gases.


The water and sanitary systems include: water pumps, water tanks, large lengths of various tubes with varying diameters, reverse osmosis, steam boilers and hot water boilers.


The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has a unique solar energy system that provides all steam and hot water to the hospital the whole year round.


We also care for the air-conditioning system, the pneumatic transferring system, cold-rooms and refrigerators, carpentry and metalwork.

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Useful information


Main Building - middle floor






Secretary: 04-7744247

Dep. Director: 04-7744747

Carpentry: 04-7744361

A/C: 04-7744586

Metalshop: 04-7744559

Elec. workshop: 04-7744573

Desk: 04-7744312

Storeroom: 04-7744312

Plumbing: 04-7744585





For more details:

[email protected]

[email protected]


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