Helsinki Committee

Committee Members

Dr. Noa Brar-Yannai – Director of the Nephrology Institute – Chair of the committee

Prof. Paltiel Weiner – Internist, pensioner – Substitute chair of the committee

Prof. Simcha Meisel – Director of Cardiac Intensive Care (ICCU) – Substitute chair of the committee

Dr. Nimrod Goldsmith – Director of Risk Management Unit – Management Representative

Dr. Alon Nevet – Deputy Director of the Hospital – Management Representative

Dr. Benjamin Abo – Deputy Director of the Hospital – Management Representative

Dr. Dikla Dahan Shriki – Deputy Director of the Hospital – Management Representative

Adv. Philip Feinberg – Public Representative

Adv. Esther Hagar – Public Representative

Adv. Nahum Yitzhaki – Public Representative

Adv. Nati Oster – Public Representative

Adv. Keren Weinberg – Public Representative

Dr. Maanit Shapira – Director of Clinical Laboratory Division – Expert Representative

Prof. Gabriel Groisman – Director of Pathology Department – Committee member

Dr. Yaakov Yarchovsky – Internist, pensioner – Committee member

Dr. Ronit Rachmilevitch – Director Internal Medicine C – Committee member

Dr. Einat Shalom-Paz – Director of the IVF Unit – Committee member

Dr. Muhammad Mahajana – Director of the Child Development Institute – Committee member

Dr. Sayaf Abu-Moch – Director of the Liver Unit – Committee member

Dr. Said Younes – Deputy Director Internal Medicine D – Committee member

Dr. Mahmoud Mahajne – Pharmacist – Pharmacists’ representative

Dr. Merav Ben Natan – Director of the Nursing School – Committee member

Dr. Ana Ofir – Coordinator of Emergency Services and JCI – Committee member

Mr. Shlomi Salitsky – Pharmacist, Director (Acting) of the Pharmacy – Committee member

Mr. Elias Tanis – Chief Pharmacist – Committee member

Dr. Yael Kopelman – Director of the Gastroenterology Institute – Committee member

Prof. Motti Hallak – Director of Gynecology and Obstetrics Department – Committee member

Prof. Ariel Roguin – Director of the Heart Institute – Committee member

Prof. Boris Kassel – Director of the Surgery Division – Committee member

Prof. Jacob Bickels – Director of the Orthopedic Oncology Unit – Committee member

Dr. Yoram Wolf – Director of the Plastic Surgery Unit – Committee member

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About The Committee

The Helsinki Committee's work is to authorize medical research and trials on humans, which aim to expand medical knowledge and improve the outcomes of medical treatment.


For this purpose, the Helsinki Committee serves first and foremost as a servant of the public, and its main role is to ensure the wellbeing and rights of trial participants, ensure that the research/ experiment is conducted in accordance with the approved medical ethics guidelines, which are in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki and the various international conventions concerning medical experiments on humans, and in accordance with the guidelines, laws and regulations which were legislated by the Israeli parliament and the Ministry of Health with the aim of regulating the issue of medical trials on humans.


The work of the Helsinki Committee will be conducted in a manner that ensures the integrity of research/ experiment proposals submitted to the committee, and the regularity of deliberations concerning each request. The committee will approve or reject proposals after deliberation and voting; proposals that are deemed proper by the committee and are designated as “special trials”, will be deferred to the Director of the Medical Center for approval, and those proposals designated as “other trials” will be deferred to the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem for approval. The committee will receive reports with relation to unusual occurrences and side effects, observed during the course of the trial, from the researchers, and will discuss their implications regarding the trial’s continuation. The committee will discuss changes in protocol and the implications on the continuation of the trial, and in accordance with its conclusions, will decide whether or not to approve the changes. The committee will deliberate requests to extend the approval for performing research/ trials, and this will occur only after deliberating the research’s interim progress report. The committee will receive summarizing reports at the end of each experiment. The committee will transfer real-time reports to the Ministry of Health after each of its meetings, as well as annual or periodical reports as requested from time to time. In addition to the above, the committee will deliberate requests for experimental treatments whose purpose is to save the life of an individual patient.

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Useful Information


Management offices, research fund office  


Telephone Number 

04-7744304 (main calling center), 04-7744223 


Fax number 




[email protected] 


Mailing Address 

Medical Research Fund Hillel Yaffe Medical Center POB. 169, Hadera Postcode: 3810101 


Confirmation ICH GCP (renewed once a year) 

Click here for the Helsinki Committee authorization for 2022 >>

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Session Dates

Herewith the list of 2022 dates for the Helsinki Committee sessions:


January 13, January 26,  February 3, February 16, March 10, March 31, April 26, May 12, June 2, June 30, July 21, August 8, September 8, September 29, October 20, November 10, December 1, December 29.


Dates are tentative and subject to change.

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Software for management and supervision of Helsinki Committees.

  • A professional information system used for managing the medical research of the Helsinki Committees and controlling them. 
  • The system serves all the interested parties: researchers, members of the Helsinki Committees, the administration of the medical institution, and inspection bodies. 
  • The system follows the research processes from their managerial and ethical aspects, as defined by the regulations of the Ministry of Health, and monitors them.

The system accompanies the research from the submission stage, through the research authorization from the committee, and up until the end of the research.

  • Forms must be submitted using the Matarot program, as well as submitting the printed and signed original and copy to the committee coordinators. 
  • Registration of medical trials on the MOH/ NIH websites will be according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
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Payment Guidelines

According to the Ministry of Health regulation which came into effect in July 2020:

  • A new request: NIS 7,500 
  • Changes/ adding information to documents after the initial submission: NIS 1,000 
  • Significant changes (extension of research period / changes in protocol/ researcher’s brochure / participant consent form): NIS 1,000

(The fees will be updated periodically)

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