Transport Department Director: Mr. Avi Dadi

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28 transport orderlies employed by the hospital.
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The medical center's transport department is in charge of transporting patients and test samples between departments. Transportation in the medical center is carried out 24 hours a day, in three shifts. The department has a staff of 28 employees.


The service is provided during morning and evening shifts through the transport call center, which is responsible for dispatching the orderlies to their various tasks. The call center records and reports the times of calls and transport so that the data can be monitored and processed, in order to streamline work processes and reduce waiting times for patients.


During the evenings and at night, the department is responsible for all transportation required at the medical center (patients, beds, medication, deceased, laundry, etc.)


To improve the service and reduce waiting times for patients in the operating room and in ER, during the morning shift an extra permanent orderly has been added to the operating room and two extra orderlies have been added in ER, and an orderly is posted in ER throughout the evening shift.

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Useful Information


Main hospital building, ground floor (opposite the X-ray Institute)


Telephone numbers:

Transport Department Director's office - 04-7744285

Deputy Director's office - 04-7744898

Transport orderlies' call center – 04-7744708 / 04-7744279



[email protected]

[email protected]


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