Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy Service Director: Yael Kirbs Cohen, MPH, BPT

Deputy Director of the Service: Anat Reshef Eldan, BPT


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Anat Klik, BPT 

Na'ama Kedem, BPT

Alina Revizes, M.Sc BPT 

Ruth Almor, BPT

Adi Saar Luker, BPT

Iris Gronau, BPT

Asil Mahamid, BPT

Limor Zarbib, BPT

Shira Meir, BPT

Neta Haziz, BPT

Noa Kaplinski, BPT

Suhad Wattad, BPT

Shira Gur Arie, BPT

Wahid Gara, BPT

Yarden Kremer, BPT

Naftali Shapira, BPT

Wae'd Atamna, BPT

Gil Shilo, BPT

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Physical therapy specializes in mobility, function, improved quality of life and health promotion.


The physical therapists treat people of all ages whose function has deteriorated due to disease, accident or any other injury. Physical therapy uses a broad range of techniques designed to rehabilitate the patient so that they regain optimal function.


The Physical Therapy Service offers therapy to the Medical Center’s departments and outpatients in a range of fields.


Physical therapy in the inpatient departments


Most hospital departments have a physical therapist on staff, who is part of the department's multidisciplinary team and is involved in all departmental activities. In addition to physical therapy and tests, the physical therapists perform functional assessments, consultations, education for families and patients, and provide referrals for continued treatment through various programs in the community. The therapy is provided in the hospital departments or the Physical Therapy Institute, in accordance with the patient’s needs and the physiotherapist’s decision.


Every year, physiotherapy students from the universities and colleges are accepted for clinical training at the hospital.


The treatment offered in the Medical Center departments include: 

  • Orthopedic, neurological, and respiratory rehabilitative therapy – the beginning of the rehabilitation process already takes place in the acute care departments. 
  • Functional assessment, including locating and preventing falls in the population prone to such accidents. 
  • Respiratory treatments with an emphasis on preventing complications and improving respiratory functioning. 
  • Specialized vertigo therapy. 
  • Individual assessment and developmental treatment in the Newborn and Neonatal Care Department, including parental guidance. 
  • Specialized physiotherapy services for women’s health in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments. 
  • Guidance for postpartum women – held in the Obstetrics Department and includes emphasis on the postpartum period, the pelvic floor, and a safe return to routine activity.


Physical therapy as part of ambulatory care


The outpatient treatments take place at the Physiotherapy Institute. The Institute has a therapy room and fitness room equipped with advanced equipment and apparatus for the patients’ benefit. Outpatient treatments include: 

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation workshops for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. The workshop is constructed as general, multidisciplinary rehabilitation individually tailored for each patient, including physical training and health education, and is taught by physiotherapists who have been trained in the field. 
  • Institute care for IDF soldiers. 
  • Pelvic floor therapy. 
  • Sports clinic. 
  • Direct access physical therapy – physical therapy treatments without the need for a physician’s referral. Direct access to physiotherapy reduces waiting time and enables high-quality and effective treatment. The therapy is provided by expert physiotherapists who have received suitable training and is intended for patients suffering from bone and muscle injuries, sports injuries, vertigo, pelvic floor problems, and more. This service is contingent upon payment.
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Useful Information


Main Building, Ground Floor, Next to the Outpatient Clinics Hallway.


Telephone Numbers:

04-7744380 04-7744567

Fax: 04-7744558



[email protected]

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