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Director: Mr. Eli Efroni
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The Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) provides sterilization services for medical instrumentation and green laundry - clothing used for surgical procedures in sterile conditions - used in the operating rooms and all departments conducting surgical procedures, such as gynecology, orthopedics, catheterizations, delivery rooms, surgical departments, intensive care, etc. The department also handles the procurement requirements for worn and damaged medical equipment, and takes care of completion of kits according to requirements.


Three sterilization methods are used at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center - steam sterilization, carried out at high temperatures (134° C) and at high pressure, ethylene oxide gas sterilization for medical instrumentation that is not resistant to high temperatures, and plasma sterilization (for delicate instrumentation that is not resistant to high temperatures).


To ensure a maximum level of sterilization, the Sterile Supply Department complies with the highest quality-assurance demands, while maintaining physical, chemical and biological controls, as recommended by the Ministry of Health and according to international standards.


Responsibilities and activities


Medical equipment:

1. Collecting used medical equipment from the departments.

2. Sorting, washing and drying the used equipment.

3. Packaging in kits according to user requirements.

4. Sterilization using methods appropriate for each kit.

5. Distribution to departments and operating rooms.


Green laundry:

1. Obtaining clean laundry from the laundry, sorting and folding.

2. Preparing kits according to the departments' requests.

3. Steam sterilization.

4. Distribution to the departments and operating rooms.

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Useful Information


Medical Center Basement


Telephone numbers:

Director - 04-7744566



Fax: 04-7744109



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