Aallergy and Immunology Service


Director: Dr. Vered Schichter-Konfino
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The service, provided at the hospital's outpatient clinics, and if necessary, as consulting provided to the hospital departments, addresses the allergy and immunology needs of the residents of Hadera and the surrounding area.


As part of the two clinics - pediatric and adult - diagnostic tests are performed such as challenge testing (designed to identify food and drug allergies), treatment for patients with food allergies, drug allergies, allergic rhinitis, various rashes, atopic dermatitis, bee sting allergies and more. What's more, allergy shots are provided to patients with allergies to dust mites, grass, weeds and seasonal plants, bee sting vaccine, etc.

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Useful Information

Scheduling an appointment

Appointments with the outpatient clinics at Hillel Yaffe Hospital are to be made through the hospital's appointment center,  along with a referral from the attending physician and a financial commitment from the insurer (HMO).


Appointment Center Telephone: 04-7744252.



Opening hours

Thursdays, 12 - 2 p.m.




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