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Unit Director: Elina Fishensohn, Social Worker
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Social Workers:

Israela Dagan, Social Worker – Staff Therapy, Group Therapy and Neurology

Nirit Kravitsky, Social Worker – Orthopedics B Department, Center for Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims

Sama Hasadia, Social Worker – Internal Medicine C Department, and Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science Department

Maram Ka'aour, Social Worker – Pediatrics Department

Riad Abu Bachar, Social Worker – Internal Medicine A Department, Urology Department, Ophthalmology Department, AIDS Clinic

Maayan Abramov, Social Worker – Dialysis Institute, Personnel

Keren Haliva, Social Worker – Maternity Division, and High-Risk Pregnancy

Yonat Peleg, Social Worker – Internal Medicine B Department

Liat Lustig, Social Worker – Cardiac Intensive Care, Research, “Machlaka Rishona” in Nursing

Tal Biran, Social Worker – Pediatric Emergency, General Emergency Medicine Department, and Gastroenterology Institute

Adi Lederman, Social Worker – Surgery A Department, General Intensive Care Unit, and Palliative Staff

Shai Kaufman, Social Worker – Oncology Day Care, Hematology Day Care

Ahlam Sheikh Ahmad, Social Worker – Internal Medicine D Department, “Machlaka Rishona” in Disability

Biadsa Afkar, Social Worker - Orthopedic A Department

Eti Arar – “Yechidat Segula” Project Director

Limor Banai, Social Worker – Surgery B Department, Gynco-Oncology


Senior Medical Secretary: Ms. Sharon Kahana

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The medical social workers at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center handle a wide variety of social and family issues as well as psychosocial issues experienced by hospital patients and their families:

  • The medical social workers serve as a source of support for patients and help them emotionally and psychologically cope with their illness or trauma, depending on the type of problem.
  • The Social Work Unit is a source of information about social issues and helps patients and their families learn about the wide array of rights, services and assistance that are available to help them in the community. 
  • The Unit holds Pregnancy Termination Committees four times a week. 
  • The Unit operates special therapy programs for traffic accident victims, patients with terminal or chronic diseases, diabetes patients, dialysis patients, victims of violence and sexual abuse, and special programs for being awarded rights and making them accessible: “Yechidat Segula” and “Machlaka Rishona.”
  • The Unit operates special therapy programs for traffic accident victims, patients with terminal or chronic diseases, diabetes patients, dialysis patients and victims of violence. 
  • The Unit prepares patient discharge plans, taking the patient's medical needs into account along with the requests and desires of the patient and their family, and maintaining continuity of care with the caregivers in the community.

The medical social workers have academic degrees in social work, are experts in healthcare social work and are knowledgeable about short-term individual, couples and family therapy. The Unit is recognized for internships by Israeli universities.


Patients and families requiring information on matters related to social rights and community services are welcome to contact the Unit. Furthermore, patients and families requiring advice, therapy, education and assistance in coping with illness crises are also welcome. We are also happy to provide an informative brochure for families about community services for the elderly and educational pamphlets on other health issues.

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Useful information


Single-story building, on the south-west side of the medical center.


Telephone Numbers:

Director - 04-7744213

Secretary - 04-7744268



[email protected]

[email protected]


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