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Unit Director: Ms. Sarah Stern-Kitai
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Ms. Tal Klein Stampfer
Ms. Leah Frankel
Ms. Tamar Asher
Ms. Noga Levi Philosof
Ms. Ida Tlaib
Ms. Orin Frankel
Ms. Hadas Kadoshi
Ms. Areej Bashir
Ms. Moran Antebi
Ms. Talia Aryeh
Ms. Maya Tzur
Ms. Amani Marazka

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The dietitians at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center are part of the multidisciplinary staff that treats patients in the various units. They also treat patients with diabetes and diseases of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, intermediate or serious nutritional status and more.


Proper dietary planning is done according to patient needs and their special problems as well as according to their preferences, with each menu developed taking the relevant food components into account. The dietitian checks the the appropriate nutritional status for the patient, and then prepares a dietary treatment report, which details the dietary treatment the patient received and what considerations guided the dietitian when writing the report. The report is filed in the medical file.


The dietitians provide nutritional support following surgery and special consulting for specific surgeries. They advise women who are pregnant with multiples, adapt food preparations for enteral feeding and develop menus for patients according to changing requirements. During hospitalization, the dietitians follow up on how food is received, ensure that the nutrition given to the patient meets the recommended requirements, monitor changes in the laboratory tests and change recommendations when necessary. Before discharge, the dietitians educate patients and their families regarding the appropriate diet after discharge from the medical center, and provide printed material about the required subject - Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.


In addition to the work the dietitians do at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, they educate patients at the medical center and at the Preventive Medicine Institute, oversee distribution of the food in the kitchen and teach at the nursing school.


The work of the dietitian requires familiarity with and knowledge of new research that is published in the medical press and professional literature, and is performed according to clear and binding procedures of the Ministry of Health as well as procedures developed by the medical center staff.


Journals about nutrition and diet are available in the hospital library and in the Diet Service office: Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Today and assorted books.

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Additional information

Becoming a certified clinical dietitian


A certified clinical dietitian is a member of a paramedical profession taught through academic studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The program takes 3.5 years and includes classes in biochemistry, human nutrition and practical training at hospitals around Israel.


Given the development of the field of nutrition for prevention and treatment of various diseases, and following the great amount and complexity of the knowledge gained, we are currently seeing a trend towards specific specializations in nutrition such as specialization in pediatric diseases, diabetes, enteral feeding, hyperlipidemia, and more.


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