Child Development and Neurology Institute


Institute Director: Dr. Muhammad Mahajana, Clinical Assistant Professor
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Dr. Michael Idel - Pediatric Specialist, Developmenta Physician and Neurologist


Child Psychology:

Dr. Yaacov Weinberg - Developmental Psychology Specialist and Instructor


Developmental Psychologist:

Mr. Ashraf Akawi - Head of Developmental Psychology and Instructor


Occupational Therapy.

Ms. Leah Ozeri - Head of Occupational Therapy Staff

Ms. Ronit Gilat - Occupational Therapist

Ms. Zohar Gadish - Occupational Therapist

Ms. Hanin Marzuk - Occupational Therapist


Speech Therapist:

Ms. Anat Ofir - Head of Speech Therapy Staff

Ms. Hanit Yochananov - Speech Therapist

Ms. Adi Ovadia - Speech Therapist

Ms. Hadas Bella - Speech Therapist

Ms. Inres Zachlaka  - Speech Therapist


Social Workers:

Ms. Severin Sayef - Head of Social Work Staff

Ms. Neta Gueta - Social Worker


Physical Therapy:

Ms. Gila Kraus - Head of Physical Therapy Staff

Ms. Michal Klein


Learning Disabilities:

Ms. Pnina Amiel - Learning Disability Diagnostician


Child Development Residents:

Ms. Adi Strauss - Psychologist



Ms. Liat Edri

Ms. Iris Shigoda

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The Child Development and Neurology Institute provides diagnostic services, consultation and treatment of children suffering from developmental issues related to motor skills, language skills, intelligence, learning, emotions and behavior. The Institute also has a Child and Adolescent Neurology Clinic.


Institute staff is multidisciplinary and is uniquely positioned to diagnose, follow-up and provide quality treatment for children and their families. When necessary, the staff conducts environmental and multisystem intervention that includes active interaction with parents, educational settings and all others involved in the community and who care for the child.

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Useful information


New institute building


Telephone Number:







[email protected]


To receive service from the Child Development and Neurology Institute:

  • To receive service from the institute, contact the Admissions Committee, along with a referral from the attending physician, approved by the HMO or by another professional at the HMO that insures the child, or through direct contact by the family, guardian or employee of a volunteer support organization. 
  • After discussing the application, the Admissions Committee will request additional documents, suggest a diagnostic track and/or continued investigation, as necessary. 
  • There is no limitation on application to the Admissions Committee, other than the age of the child - due to restrictions related to the basket of services, children cannot be sent for a first diagnosis after the age of six. Older children may be referred for medical consultation at the institute, without any age restriction.
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