Director (Acting): Mr. Shlomi Slitzky
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Ms. Lydia Schwartz - Pharmacist and Pharmacy Deputy Director
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Pharmacy roles: 

  • Purchase of drugs and laboratory materials for the hospital. 
  • Dispensing drugs to departments, soldiers and hospital laboratories. 
  • Preparation of syrups and medical preparations that cannot be purchased. 
  • Preparation of sterile solutions for intravenous feeding. 
  • Preparation of chemotherapy drugs for patients undergoing chemotherapy at the Hematology Institute. 
  • Answering questions from doctors and nurses. 
  • Reporting to administration on medication-related activity, prescription and consumption habits at the hospital.


Special activity


Using a medication information systems supported by Micromedex and according to the information leaflets approved by the Ministry of Health, we are able to provide information about medication to patients when requested.


The information will be provided depending on the workload at the pharmacy and in no less that 24 hours after the question is submitted to the pharmacy in writing. All answers will be provided in writing and will include reference to the source from which the answer was taken.

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Useful Information

Telephone numbers:


Fax: 04-7744637



[email protected]


Please note:

The hospital pharmacy does not provide services to the general public.

To purchase prescription or other medications,

please go to the pharmacy at Be,

located at Hashdera mall, ground floor, Inpatient Building A.



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