Pediatric Lung Effort (Asthma Exercise Challenge) Clinic


Director of the service: Dr. Vered Nir

Administrative responsibility: Pediatrics Department

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About the service

The purpose of an exercise challenge is to help with diagnosis of asthma in general, as well as exercise-induced asthma which occurs as a result of physical exercise. Sometimes, children with a history of respiratory diseases in childhood will be required to perform this before army recruitment.


How is the test performed?

  • During this challenge, the child must perform controlled physical exercise on a treadmill for 10 minutes. Before the challenge, the child will perform pulmonary function (spirometry) tests, repeated several times during the 30 minutes after the challenge. Likewise, blood oxygen levels and pulse will be checked during the test, using a pulse oximeter. 
  • After the challenge is over, a bronchodilator inhaler will be given to examine its effect. 
  • After the test is over, a doctor will examine the child and an official answer will be supplied. 
  • After the test, the child can return to normal activity.


If the child has an orthopedic problem, cardiac arrhythmia, or any vascular or heart disease, please tell the doctor before the test.


How to come here and what to bring?

  • To have the test, please bring a referral from the family physician as well as a financial commitment form from the medical insurer (health fund) to perform the test as well as the doctor’s examination. 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes. 
  • Please bring the inhalers your child uses (regularly or sometimes). 
  • Please stop the use of the following medications, unless you are instructed otherwise:
    • 1. Bronchodilators (Ventolin/ Bricalin/ Terbulin/ Aerovent) beginning from the night before the test.
    • 2. Steroid inhalers or by inhalation (Budicort/ Flixotide/ Qvar) or inhalers combining steroids and bronchodilators (Symbicort/ Relvar/ Duoresp) for at least two weeks before the test.
    • 3. Singulair/ Montelukast – two weeks before the test.
    • 4. Antihistamines (Desloratadine/ Aerius/ Zyllergy/ Telfast) – 48 hours before the test.
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Useful information

Telephone number for contact and making an appointment:  *6742
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