Lung Function Clinic (Spirometry)


Clinic Director: Dr. Michael Kuchuk
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Technician: Lieli Tocker
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About the clinic

Lung function testing is used to diagnose pulmonary and other diseases that lead to difficulty breathing and follow-up of existing diseases to determine the effectiveness of treatment. The clinic is intended for patients who suffer from significant difficulty breathing, asthma, COPD and various chronic pulmonary diseases, patients who have lung damage due to exposure to hazardous materials or prolonged illnesses (such as COVID-19), as a test for patients using regular medication (inhalers), and more.


About the test:


This is a very simple test that takes just a few minutes, during which the patient exhales into a device that measures the volume of air the patient is capable of inhaling and exhaling. The test also measures the speed at which the patient exhales the air from the lungs, with values that are lower than average possibly indicating that their lungs do not function as well as they should or have impaired function. Patients are referred for the test due to conditions of shortness of breath, persistent cough, a physical exam that indicated pulmonary disease (wheezing when listening to the lungs), or to investigate and follow-up on the status of chronic pulmonary disease, investigation of damage to the lungs from diseases such as COVID-19 or prolonged exposure to hazardous materials.


Services provided at the clinic

  • Full lung function test 
  • Spirometry 
  • Lung volume test 
  • Diffusing capacity test (time it takes for oxygen to enter the bloodstream) 
  • Plethysmography (measures changes in pressure while breathing) 
  • Pre-flight tests for patients with respiratory problems 
  • Pre-draft pulmonary tests for people with respiratory problems
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Useful information

How to reach the clinic:

  • The clinic is located in the Outpatient Clinics area
  • To come to the clinic, you need a referral from your community physician, to schedule an appointment and a payment authorization from your medical insurer. 
  • For further information and to schedule an appointment - Appointment Call Center at: *6742.
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